Virtual Team

Cost-Effective, Scalable Marketing Solutions

Your Marketing Team - Transform Your Marketing Without the Overhead

Streamline your marketing expenses without compromising on expertise. Plexus Creatives offers a Virtual Marketing Team Marketing Department, providing scalable solutions that match an entire team’s capabilities — all at the cost of hiring just one senior staff member.

  • Market Research

    Uncover market insights and consumer trends with our thorough research methods, aligning your strategies with actual market dynamics.

  • Branding and Brand Management

    Enhance your brand's strength and market position with our expert branding services, ensuring consistency and visibility across all channels.

  • Content Creation and Copywriting

    Produce engaging, relevant content crafted by our skilled writers to captivate your audience and enhance your brand voice.

  • Social Media Management

    Boost your social presence with tailored content, consistent engagement, and strategic campaigns designed to increase your followers and engagement.

  • Email Marketing

    Create personalised email campaigns that resonate with your audience, driving conversions and building lasting relationships.

  • Search Engine Optimisations (SEO)

    Improve your website's visibility and organic search rankings with our expert SEO strategies, driving more traffic and leads.

  • Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)

    Maximise your ROI with our targeted PPC campaigns that capture quality leads and deliver immediate results.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Streamline customer interactions and enhance satisfaction with our integrated CRM strategies that nurture customer loyalty.

  • Data Analysis and Reporting

    Leverage data-driven insights to inform business decisions, using comprehensive analysis and detailed reporting to measure success.

  • Graphic Design

    Create visually appealing designs with our creative team, ensuring your brand's aesthetics are powerful and consistent.

  • Video Production

    Engage your audience with professional video content that tells your brand's story and enhances your online presence.

  • Product Marketing

    Position and promote your products effectively with targeted marketing strategies that highlight benefits and drive sales.

  • Strategic Planning and Execution

    Align your business goals with actionable marketing strategies, meticulously planned and executed for maximum impact.

Virtual Marketing Team

Enhance Without Overspending: Ideal for businesses looking to bolster your marketing efforts cost-effectively. Our Virtual Marketing Team allows you to scale your marketing capabilities as needed, integrating diverse skills—from design and strategy to delivery and brand management—without the high costs associated with full-time hires.

Whatever solution you choose, Plexus Creatives is committed to providing high-quality, comprehensive marketing services that are affordable and adaptable to your business needs. With our support, you can scale your marketing efforts seamlessly, ensuring maximum return on investment and continuous growth without the heavy financial burden.

Pick & Mix Services: Tailored to Fit Your Needs

We understand that you might only need some services at a time, so we offer customisable solutions, individually priced to match your specific requirements. If you need to discuss anything, it costs nothing. Reach out to explore how we can create the perfect service blend for you.

Outsourced Marketing Team Milton Keynes

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Considering the complexity and costs associated with hiring a marketing manager who requires a team or contractors to execute their strategy, why not streamline your process with a comprehensive solution that offers everything from development to delivery at the cost of one senior staff member? Isn’t it time to maximise efficiency and reduce overheads while expanding your marketing capabilities?

As of 2020, nearly a third of UK businesses expected to increase their outsourcing efforts, showing a trend towards external collaboration in marketing and other services​
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In 2020, contracts for managed services in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa by UK companies amounted to nearly £800 million, highlighting significant investment in outsourcing critical business functions​
£ 0 M
Revenue for business process outsourcing in the UK is expected to grow to nearly £22 billion by 2025, reflecting an increasing reliance on external services for non-core business activities
£ 0 Bn
Digital advertising now accounts for 75% of the total UK advertising market, indicating a significant shift towards digital channels over traditional forms of advertising
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